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Impressions, ideas, informations to plan your stay in Budapest


All informations, list of restaurants, programs were compiled before Covid. After reopening in 2021. might some places are not opened yet or changed, pls. check allways current availability.


Discover the top things to do and must places to see.
Enjoy the architectural beauty, the backround of multicolored history, the touch of the Monarchy (Austro-Hungarian Empire), amazing sights, famous cafés, thermal baths.

Here you have all practical informations as the exact address, how to get, transfer, public transport. You can check also Check-In, Check-Out times, luggage drop down option. You have a direct link of the location on google map as you can fill guests datas in advance for a faster and uncomplicated check-in.

Check My Budapest Guide for all must sights and places, cafés, baths or look for more information at My Recommendation. You can find the printed version of both folders in the apartment. In this menu you find also location of shops, opening hours, availability of pharmacist and doctor.


Enjoy inspirating videos and timelapse movies about the city to be inspired for your trip.

Look for general touristic info, book a visit at the Parliament, be inspired for a thermal bath visit, join a free walking tour, check places, restaurants, programs on a popular website or choose a rental car for your longer stay in the region and just look our posts for seasonal feeling in the city.